Plastics are one of the most versatile materials. Plastic products are vulnerable to the sunlight, oxygen, and microbial damage. Therefore, they are easy to age, break, and grow mold & algae when using, so as to lose their use value. In order to prevent the impact of sunlight and oxygen on the plastic, a variety of antioxidants, ultraviolet absorber (UV absorber), plasticizers, and other additives should be added into the plastics, and the use of these additives provides sufficient nutrients for microbial growth. Plastic products for outdoor use are vulnerable to the erosion of fine mold and algae, so as to lose efficacy. As a result, enough antibacterial agents should be added into the plastic products for outdoor use, in order to maintain the beauty of plastic products and increase their service life. Enough antibacterial agents should also be added into the plastic products for indoor use to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold, in order to prevent the spread of disease.


iHeir –PSZ, which is prepared by our company’s technology, is a new generation of international antibacterial agent for plastics. Its performance is better than a variety of antibacterial agents that are currently used in plastics, and it can contact with food, which has the characteristics of no discoloration, high temperature resistance, and water resistance. It is suitable for all kinds of light-colored plastic.

iHeir -PSZ104是我公司采用先进技术生产的新一代国际塑料抗菌剂。其性能优于目前塑料中使用的各种抗菌剂,并能与食品接触,具有不变色、耐高温、耐水等特点。适用于各种浅色塑料。

Plastic antibaterial agent for ABS 塑料抗菌剂-抗菌剂/防霉剂/干燥剂/防霉片厂家批发

It has broad spectrum sterilizing functions with long-term effects, with the characteristics of no loss, good effect and good compatibility with high polymer. In addition, it keeps stable under strong ultraviolet light and acid rain, which meets the most stringent requirements of European, American, and Japanese laws and regulations.


Adding amount for PSZ104 Washing for 72 hours Killing rate of escherichia coli Killing rate of staphylococcus aureus
1.5% Without (water) washing >99.9% >99.9%
1.5% Water washing >99.9% >99.9%

Usage: The recommended adding amount is 1%. The exact adding amount of the specific formula can be obtained by the test of our company’s chemical microbial technical center.