Due to the impact of the new coronavirus, the public demand for disinfectant increased. As early as two month ago, the disinfectant even sold out in the market. In the coronavirus war, many of our compatriots lost their lives. They can’t  see the dawn any more. The past vivid life, so left so quietly and quickly. Some of them died from the new coronavirus infection, and some caused accidents due to the improper handling of the protection against the infection of the virus, such as the house disinfection caused by alcohol spraying fire, such as the chemical reaction between alcohol and 84 disinfectant, toxic substances harmful to human body. Since the disinfectant has hidden danger to the safety of human life, what kind of disinfectant should we choose to avoid this problem?

Traditionally, the 84 disinfectant and alcohol have a very high risk . Hypochlorous acid is safer to use, but its bactericidal effect is relatively low, which can only maintain 5 minutes of sterilization time. And although the use of silver ion disinfectant is low, but its surface safety is relatively low. So overall, these several disinfectants are not so suitable to use. So what kind of disinfectant is safe, effective and long-lasting? Here we recommend a new disinfectant, iHeir-PH-1001 antibacterial disinfectant, which can effectively kill viruses, bacteria and mold.

iHeir-PH-1001 antibacterial disinfectant is a new generation of broad-spectrum, high efficiency, environmental friendly, lasting guanidine compound quaternary ammonium salt disinfectant. Appearance: colorless transparent liquid;

Chemical composition: polymer; Ionic: cation;

PH (20℃) : 6.0~7.0;

Specific weight (20℃) : 1.08±0.01g/cm3.

Due to its unique structure, it is endowed with excellent disinfection and antibacterial properties compared with similar products.

Application range of iHeir-PH-1001

(1) Used as a sterilizing agent in public places

In public places, a large number of bacteria and viral infections seriously endanger the safety of human life. Sterilization has become an essential part of maintaining people’s lives. The product has a wide spectrum of sterilization, non-toxic, colorless, odorless and other characteristics, and without any corrosive, It is very suitable for cars, trains, planes, ships, shopping malls, hospitals, cinemas, hotels, restaurants and other public places to sterilize.

(2) Hand disinfectant

Hand hygiene is closely related to everyone’s life. About 80% of common infectious diseases are directly transmitted by hands, and hand disinfection is clearly the most effective way to prevent the spread of diseases. The product as hand disinfectant directly spray on the hands, whenever and wherever, can be safe, effective, convenient to remove pathogens on the hands. It do not need water and soap, and it can form a colorless transparent invisible film on the hands, maintaining a long time inhibition, bactericidal effect. The product can effectively control the spread of typhoid flu, dysentery, pink eyes, gonorrhea and various skin diseases, which is  suitable for use in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, banks, schools, kindergartens, families, offices and travel.

(3) Family sterilizing disinfectant

This product has many advantages such as nontoxic, colorless, odorless, non-corrosive, wide bactericidal spectrum, etc. Can be used for fruit, vegetable sterilization cleaning; Used for bactericidal cleaning of various fabrics such as clothes, towels and bedsheets; And directly used for furniture, carpet, sofa, kitchen utensils, sanitary ware and other object surface and air sterilization.

(4) Used for skin and wound

This  product is colorless, non-corrosive and long-lasting, so it can be convenient for skin, wounds, gynecology, urology department to clean and disinfect. Especially for some medical supplies which can not disinfect in a high temperature, only with 1% concentration of solution  can be used to immerse or spray, achieving a satisfactory bactericidal effect in a short time. The product can also be used in the ward air and wall, floor to disinfect.

(5) Used for disinfecting wet wipes

The product is cationic polymer, and its antibacterial action is mainly through the dissolution of lipids to change the permeability of bacterial cell membrane, so that the bacteria has problem to grow. It has a wide antibacterial spectrum, can inhibit the growth of gram positive and negative bacteria and mold . It is colorless, odorless, no irritation to the skin, no toxicity, no corrosive characteristics. So the wet towel which is handled by this product, can achieve quick disinfection effect already without producing mildew again , and can be kept for two years.

(6) Used in textile industry and sanitary napkins, sanitary pads, baby diapers and other products

The product can be developed into antibacterial type of textiles, knitwear, such as towels, underwear, baby clothing, bedding, wool fabric, gauze and so on. Dip the textile into the product’s special solution before the final finishing stage. When the bacteria fall on the textile treated by the product, the trace of water makes the active substance dissolve out, and quickly kill the bacteria, to achieve the effect of antibacterial, insect resistance, mildew, not shrinkage, not firm. After the test, the properly treated textiles were washed in water for up to 20 times and still had antibacterial properties. This product can easily develop all kinds of aseptic and antibacterial sanitary napkins, sanitary pads, baby diapers, etc., replacing other traditional disinfection methods such as high temperature and ethylene oxide, which not only reduces the cost, but also solves the problem of short period of validity of traditional disinfection methods. As the product can be evenly linked with the fine fibers of the above products, forming a thin layer of antibacterial polymer on the surface, can maintain the best state after sterilization, while preventing secondary pollution. The performance of this product is extremely stable, the period of validity can reach two years, so that the production of sanitary napkins and other products maintain a long-term aseptic state, to the female perineum cleaning and prevention and treatment of gynecological diseases has an obvious role. When producing sanitary napkins, sanitary pads and baby diapers, spray on the surfaces of sanitary napkins, masks and diapers and then dry them.

(7) used for processing washing supplies

At present the catharsis things that has disinfection function, add chlorine preparation to disinfect composition commonly. Its existence has caustic to the fabric, and sterilizing period of validity is short. For this reason, it only can be used at white fabric. However, this disinfectant has the advantages of dissolving in water, non-toxic, colorless, odorless, non-corrosive, colorfast, non-irritating to skin mucous membrane, long period of validity, etc., and can be developed to wash any color of the fabric of high-tech environmental disinfection sterilization washing powder, washing liquid, dry cleaning agent and other products. Sterilization has become an essential part in  people’s daily life. The advent of this product, the market prospects will be very broad. This product can not only kill all kinds of infectious bacteria on clothes, prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, but its antibacterial and anti-mildew effect is significant after washing. This product has extremely strong exterminate action to fungus, so it also can be used in shampoo fluid, to remove scurf and the scalp tinea that causes by scurf, seborrheic dermatitis, and have apparent antiseptic, antipruritic effect.

84 disinfectant, hypochlorous acid, silver ion disinfectant, alcohol and so on, which is the suitable antiseptic disinfectant?-抗菌剂/防霉剂/干燥剂/防霉片厂家批发